“Dialogue which bounces between characters like real-life conversation pulls readers into the heart of the action in this allegorical historical novel.”

Clarion Review
“Reynard’s motives are clear, his aim is to show the consequences of choices forged by distrust and self-gratification. This book will resonate well with cynical Francophiles and those who see clearly the moral ill woven into modern society.”

Melissa Wuske

“A book chronicling the shady business practices and decadent leisure pursuits of narcissistic Michel Bodin over a period of 30 years, the author presents him as a case study in the endemic corruption of French society in the “kleptocracy” of the Mitterrand and Chirac administrations. A generally shrewd social commentary, it chimes with current news of the Hollande presidency.”

Blue Ink Review
“A libertine novel for the modern age.”

Kirkus Review
by Oscar Reynard
is published by Clink
Street Publishing. It is
available as paperback
and e-book at online
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“An imposing and thought-provoking work of literature by
Francophile British author Oscar Reynard”